I am not a runner and nearly had a panic attack when I registered for the program, but I am so glad that I did! It forced me to set a goal and I easily reached it with the support of the group and the build-up of strength and endurance from week to week. The workouts are hard and the runs are long (obviously!) but the program is not intimidating for beginners and gives you the mental & physical confidence to complete a half marathon. Join now – you won’t regret it! R. Davis

I’ve been running with Friends & Fitness for 6 years. This is the only running program I’ve found that provides the opportunity and option for 3-days/week of coach-led training. This program has not only kept me motivated to continue running but has also given me the confidence and training knowledge to run a few marathons! B. McKenzie

Thanks for an amazing summer experience. Having never had a real “love” for running, I’ve come close to being converted to the dark side. I feel better, my health dramatically improved and I met some amazing people along the way. The Friends and Fitness program, combined with the camaraderie it builds is just awesome. Now I’m eager to see what another year will do! A. May

A well organized and run program. Craig does an outstanding job developing a running workout program that, if followed, will allow you to successfully complete a half-marathon by the end of the training program. The group, comprised of runners from all ability levels, provides a motivational element you don’t get when using any of the online training programs available. T. Evans

Friends and Fitness is a great way to get in shape without feeling any pressure or guilt about how fast you run or how often you run. Everyone in the program is supportive of each other’s goals and really wants to see you do your best. B. Thompson, Fairfax

A friend introduced to me to Friends and Fitness and I’m so glad that she did. It changed the way I run. I was stuck in a rut and couldn’t run further than three miles. I completed my first half-marathon in 2009 and did two more in 2010. K. Hollis, Vienna

Friends and Fitness is a great running program that is designed for every participant to see progress in their fitness, and successfully run 13.1 miles. It is one of the only programs I have found to truly include beginner runners. There are also opportunities to learn about running, shoes, pace, hydration, nutrition and injury prevention. The other great thing about this program is that you can meet some great people and make friends; attending the workouts and long runs becomes a great way to socialize with other people and network. Lastly, the program is inspired by such a great cause so while you run, you help find a cure. M. Johnson, Fairfax

This program is the perfect balance of fitness and time commitment. As a working mom with three young children, I was able to fit the program into our family’s routine. My participation helped me lose the baby weight, got me in shape, gave me confidence and has had a positive effect on my family and friends. My weight loss motivated my neighbor to start running and my 4 year old asks if she can ‘hit the elliptical’ before school. J. Van de Meulebroecke

I loved this program. I think the program is a really strong one without stress! R. Conroy

The program introduced me to several other members who live close by and we make an evenly-matched pace group. Beyond just helping me to keep a regular schedule of running, especially on Saturdays, I enjoy the other runners’ company and we’ve started to spend some time together after our runs too. I wouldn’t have known how and where to connect with these runners outside of Craig’s program. J. Bell

Training with friends really motivates you to go for it. I have participated for three years and each year, I have improved from the prior year. J. Polanek

This program has it all: Structure; workouts designed to develop a stronger runner, not just one who can go long distances; friendly and interesting participants who only compete against themselves, while encouraging and supporting the other runners in their efforts; and definitely lots of fun even when the training is tough. All these factors make it an unusual program, at an incredibly reasonable cost, considering all the preparation, training and support that the coach provides, and that some of the fee goes to worthwhile causes. G. Novig